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James O. Armstrong  
Author of "Now What?  
Discovering Your New Life and Career after 50"  
& Editor of www.NowWhatJobs.net

The law

It's good for both employees and employers, especially because of our tightening labor market. Check it out here.

For more information regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and to review a summary and statistics of this law against age discrimination, click here.

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Careers From the Kitchen Table
Listen live to "Careers from the Kitchen Table," the radio show for work from home business enthusiasts and work at home job opportunities. Tune in at 6:00 EST every Wednesday on a live stream at 1320 WARL.

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The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
Listen live on Saturday, August 30th from 12:00 to 1:00 PST on Contact Talk
Radio, and download recent shows.  Dr. Anne Marie Evers will interview
NowWhatJobs.net Editor James O. Armstrong.  Also, go to Dr. Anne Marie Evers' website.


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February, 2008:  Empowerment expert Rosie Horner interviewed James O. Armstrong.  This program is titled, "Career Transition?  Meet James O. Armstrong." 

This interview is from Beverly Mahone -- The Baby Boomer Diva, http://www.thebabyboomerdiva.com

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